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The role of a Parish Councillor is a voluntary one and they provide services to the Council without payment.  This is sometimes a very time consuming role but it does mean a Councillor is fully involved with local community matters.

The role of a CouncillorCouncillors are obliged to attend meetings when summoned to do so, to prepare for the meetings by considering the agenda and any related documents.  They must participate in the meetings and be prepared to make decisions based upon the relevant facts, including giving due consideration to the views of others expressed during the meeting.  They must also take part in voting and respect majority decisions of those present, to represent the electorate and to ensure the Council is properly and efficiently managed.

All Councillors must sign a formal declaration of acceptance of office upon election or co-option to the Council and are required to act within the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council.  Councillors are required to make a declaration of interest about any disclosable pecuniary interest they have which would potentially interfere with Council business (for details see here).

If you’re interested in being a Councillor then please contact the Clerk for details.

Register of Interests

It is a legal requirement for Councillors to register any interests and for these to be available online. The redacted Register of Interests for each Councillor is available on their individual biography.

Office Opening Hours

The Parish Council Office is open to the public by arrangement.   Our Clerk, Melanie Reilly, works ten hours a week and you may find the best way to contact her is by phone or email. Details on our contact page.

Asset Register

The Register of Parish Council assets is available on application to the Council office.

Our Councillors

Andy Alsop, Chairman

Andy Alsop

I have lived in the area for 57 years and attended the C of E primary school on the A38 before continuing on to Patchway High School. I became an electrical apprentice at ICI and enjoyed 24 years there. I then became an electrical Lighting designer until I retired nearly three years ago. Many residents will remember me, as a young lad working at Rod’s, the local greengrocer in Chelford Grove.

My father always wanted Stoke Lodge to break away from Patchway Town Council and I am very proud to have made his wish come true. It is very important to me that the Parish precept we all pay is spent in our Parish. I am a very strong supporter of the local kids’ clubs and football team that utilise the Common Pavilion and sports field. I hope to be able to improve the area as funds allow; to make the Parish of Stoke Lodge and the Common something to be proud of.

I am delighted and extremely proud to have been elected Chairman.

John Bowyer, Vice Chairman

John BowyerI have lived in Stoke Lodge for 61 years. My parents and I came to Stoke Lodge in 1956.  We were the first to move into the Stones Development. I remember cattle in the field with just a rope to hold them back!

In January 1968 I married Hazel and we moved into 21 Standish Avenue. Our daughters went to Stoke Lodge School. My main occupations was selling ladies’ wear to departmental stores and ladies fashion shops and also flour to bakeries and food manufacturers.  We were both keen hockey and tennis players and played tennis at Almondsbury Tennis Club. I did 2 stints as chairman when we were upgrading the courts and lighting for a total of 10 years.

I got involved with Andy Alsop and Brian Hopkinson who were looking for support and help for coming out of Patchway and with the support of our residents we had a great result. Thanks to you all.

Andy Dyer, Councillor

Andy Dyer
I’ve enjoyed living on The Common for 21 years now, having originally come from Surrey and Dorset. My wife and I have brought up our two sons and a daughter,  who between them are teaching English in school, studying physics as a PhD and managing a restaurant.

I am an engineer with Airbus at Filton, where I also help mentor school children learning about aircraft design.

I have interests in cycling, motorbikes, gardening and dog walking as well as appreciating and maintaining our green spaces.

I very much enjoy talking with our local residents and I’m certainly keen on encouraging all our local people to engage with our Stoke Lodge & The Common Parish Council and by working together I feel we can help maintain and sometimes improve the safe and pleasant place we live in.

Brenda Stokes, Councillor

Brenda StokesAs a Parish Councillor serving on this new Parish, I’m able to support its endeavours in serving the community.  I moved to Stoke Lodge in 1961 at a time when the area was still being developed, I watched it grow. My children were born and grew up here and went to local schools.

Having worked in the Education sector for a number of years in 1987 I took up the post of Bursar at Patchway High (now Patchway Community College) until I retired in 2004. My responsibilities included finance, the preparation and control of budgets, buildings maintenance including liaising and working with LEA Officers and builders on new buildings.

I am an active member of the local Townswomen’s Guild and have supported Stoke Lodge and The Common Neighbourhood Watch for a number of years.

Alan Jewell, Councillor

Alan Jewell
My name is Alan jewell, I have lived in Bristol all my life, I moved to Bradley stoke, then patchway & moved to Stoke lodge in 2011. I am  married with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

I am currently  the director of a building company, I have  also provided support to adults with learning disabilities for the past 15 years.

I have always had a passion for listening to people, being part of the parish Council enables me to take views & beliefs of our community and represent them fairly and without prejudice. I actively encourage community participation and involvement in decision making. “ I can’t but we can”

My aim is for our community to have knowledge about what is available in our area and use the resources productively.

Tracey Harrison-Ashe, Councillor

Tracey Harrison AsheI have been a resident of Stoke Lodge with my husband for 23 years, and had our own vehicle body repair company established over the last 40 years. Previously I worked at Avon and Somerset Police as well as in corporate sales.

I believe we already have a fantastic community spirit, and I played an active role in campaigning for independence alongside other important issues, which have now been implemented

I believe in people before politics, and now with the formation of our new parish, we have proved that as a community we can all work well together to achieve progress for all, and seal the future of our parish for generations to come, and long may this continue.

Working as a parish councillor can be both extremely rewarding but equally challenging at times.

I endeavour to overcome these challenges by listening to the needs of all our local residents, by working with our local community, with support and passion to be their voice.

I believe it is imperative to identify local issues of importance to the residents that I represent.

My ambition is to achieve the needs and aspirations of the people in our community of Stoke Lodge and The Common.

John Blight, Councillor

John BlightBorn in Cornwall, my working life began in Bristol at eighteen years of age. On my first work day, as a student engineer, little did I expect to meet my future wife, Anne, working at the same drawing office. Anne and I married five years later in 1960, being blessed with four children during the 1960’s. We also designed and built our own house during this period, ‘Trevaylor’, at Patchway Common, where we still happily reside some fifty years later, our children having presented us with nine grandchildren.  My busy, interesting and very fulfilling working career came to an end when I chose to take retirement at the age of fifty eight years.

Since retirement, my professional working life time experiences, the application of engineering, managerial and business skills have enabled me to contribute to the development and success of organisations that I helped found and become involved with including: Patchway Festival(Committee, founding member, now retired), New Pavilion at The Common (Chair, Funding & Building Committee, disbanded), RegenSW (Founding member now retired), Embley Energy Ltd (Founding Director and Company Secretary.) and  Stoke Lodge and The Common Parish Council (Elected to The Parish Council.)

This period in my life has been most interesting, challenging and enjoyable thanks in no small part to the many friends and colleagues engaged with me in these enterprises.

Brian Hopkinson, Councillor

Brian HopkinsonBiography coming soon ….

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