Council Services

Emergency Planning

Whilst in general Stoke Lodge is not subject to emergency situations, it’s good to be prepared for winter and in the event of power outage:


The Stoke Lodge sports field is available for hire and the Parish Clerk will deal with any enquiries.

Local Environment

Dog Poo Bins

The warden is very active in the Stoke Lodge area, and fixed penalties will be issued for non-compliance.  The .GOV website has information concerning dog foul and the law.


Stoke Lodge road showing zebra crossingSouth Gloucestershire are managing the drainage works on Shellmor Avenue and further information is available by contacting the South Glos Council.

Street Lights

If you see any faulty street lights please make a note of the lamp post number and street name and contact our Clerk who will liaise with the South Glos Council to have the light repaired.

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