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The Finance Working Group monitors all Council income and expenditure and recommends a budget annually to Council. The Council raises the funds required to meet its budgeted costs through the precept (a mandatory demand) issued on South Gloucestershire Council. Requested under council tax legislation, the precept covers the Council’s needs for the following financial year which, by law, runs from 1 April to the following 31 March.  South Gloucestershire Council collects the amount precept as part of the council tax levied on tax payers in the parish.

At the Council meeting held 12 January 2017, it was agreed to request a precept of £68,904 for 2017/18. This is equivalent to £99.00 for a Band D property, which is unchanged for the fifth year running. It should be noted that the remainder and majority of the council tax charge is levied by the District Council and the Police and Fire authorities.

The Working Group also monitors internal and external auditing and related matters.  Financial Regulations govern the conduct of the financial transactions of the Council. The Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) is the Clerk to the Council, who is responsible for the administration of the Council’s financial affairs.


Residents are able to view the list of all Council’s expenditure and financial forecasts. The latest version of both documents can be viewed on the links below:


The Parish Council will not make any grants during its first three years in office.  Grants will be considered from 2018 if requested, provided the request is relevant to the needs of the Parish.

Community Costs

Community Infrastructure Levy Statement 2016/17 available for download as a pdf

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