The role of a Parish Councillor is voluntary and provided without payment.  It can be a very time consuming role but it enables a Councillor to be fully involved with local community matters.

Local Elections May 2023

The local elections are due to take place in May this year.

Are you interested in the being part of the decisions made about your local area? Are you passionate about being involved in making positive changes for your family, friends and neighbours? Do you have new ideas or suggestions for improvements to your local area?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes have you considered becoming a local Councillor?

We need Councillors from all backgrounds and with different types of life experience to make positive changes which represent and benefit everyone.

If you would like to find out more about what local Councils do please follow the attached link:

Elections — #MakeAChange (

If you decide you would like to become a councillor please follow this link for details of how to apply to be a candidate:

Local elections in England | Electoral Commission

If you have any queries or would like an informal chat about what is involved please feel free to contact Chair Andy Alsop on 07470 358678

Voter Photo ID is Now Required

The Role of a Councillor

A man in an office setting, in the role of a CouncillorCouncillors are obliged to attend meetings when summoned.  They prepare for the meetings by considering the agenda and any related documents.  Participation and decision making are required during the meetings, as well as giving due consideration to the views of others as expressed during the meeting.  A Councillor is obliged to take part in voting and to respect majority decisions of those present, to represent the electorate and to ensure the Council is properly and efficiently managed.

All Councillors must sign a formal declaration of acceptance of office upon election or co-option to the Council and are required to act within the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council.  Councillors are required to make a declaration of interest about any disclosable pecuniary interest they have, which would potentially interfere with Council business (for details see here).
If you’re interested in being a Councillor please contact the Clerk for details.

Register of Interests

It is a legal requirement for Councillors to register any interests and for these to be available online. The redacted Register of Interests for each Councillor is available on their individual biography.

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Office Opening Hours

The Parish Council Office is open to the public by arrangement.   Our Clerk, works ten hours a week and you may find the best way to contact her is by phone or email. See our contact page.

Asset Register

The Register of Parish Council assets is available on application to the Council office.

Our Councillors

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Andy Alsop, Chairman

Andy Alsop, Chairman

This area has been my home for 57 years, I attended the C of E primary school on the A38 before continuing on to Patchway High School. After my education, I became an electrical apprentice at ICI, enjoying 24 years there.  Following this, I became an electrical Lighting designer until my retirement. Many residents will remember me, as a young lad working at Rod’s, the local greengrocer in Chelford Grove.

My father always wanted Stoke Lodge to break away from Patchway Town Council and I am very proud to have made his wish come true. It is very important to me that the Parish precept we all pay is spent in our Parish. I am a very strong supporter of the local kids’ clubs and the football team that utilise the Common Pavilion and sports field. As funds allow we will make improvements to the Parish of Stoke Lodge and the Common and make it something to be proud of.

I am delighted and extremely proud to have been elected Chairman.
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Brenda Stokes, Councillor

Brenda StokesBeing a Stoke Lodge Parish Councillor, I’m able to support its endeavours in serving the community.  I moved to Stoke Lodge in 1961 when the area was still being developed, I watched it grow. My children were born and grew up here and went to local schools.

Having worked in the Education sector for a number of years I took up the post of Bursar at Patchway High (now Patchway Community College) in 1987, until I retired in 2004. My responsibilities included finance and budgets, building maintenance and property development.

I am an active member of the local Townswomen’s Guild. I have supported Stoke Lodge and The Common Neighbourhood Watch for a number of years.

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Andy Dyer, Vice Chair

Andy Dyer
Originally from Surrey and Dorset, I’ve enjoyed living on The Common for over 20 years. My wife and I have brought up our two sons and a daughter,  who are teaching English in school, studying physics as a PhD and managing a restaurant respectively.

I’m an engineer with Airbus at Filton, where I also mentor school children learning about aircraft design.

My interests are cycling, motorbikes, gardening and dog walking as well as appreciating and maintaining our green spaces.

I really enjoy talking with our local residents and am very keen to encourage all to engage with our Stoke Lodge & The Common Parish Council. By working together we can help maintain and  improve the safe and pleasant place we live in.

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Alan Jewell


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Bryan Hopkins

Bryan Hopkins
Hello, I’m Bryan, I worked for the Ambulance Service for 29 plus years, a career I found very enjoyable.

My hobbies are gardening and DIY.  I like to go swimming about twice a week and when the weather is dry I go out on my Triumph motorcycle which has been my passion for many years. I’m delighted to be a Parish Councillor.

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John Butler

John Butler
Information to follow soon …

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Rebecca Strong

Rebecca Strong
I’ve lived on Stoke Lane for 22 years and seen the traffic grow enormously. I worked at Rolls-Royce as a technical engineer until retiring in 2001. I then joined Patchway Library as a library assistant. Since retiring in 2010, I have been a volunteer at the National Trust property Tyntesfield as a room interpreter. I still occasionally work at local libraries when they are short staffed. I am Railway Manager at the Ashton Court Miniature Railway, which is considered one of the best in the country. I have some thirty volunteers under my wing and the object is to give the public of all ages an enjoyable and safe experience.

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