Neighbourhood Watch and Policing

Neighbourhood Watch

Crime is very low in the Stoke Lodge area, however, there is no room for complacency and we are pleased to be a Neighbourhood Watch area.

The mission of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is to ‘Bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities’. We are grateful to all our local residents who take the trouble to keep a look out locally.

Neighbourhood watch schemes together with policing help keep your locality safe. Please get in touch with the Clerk of the Council if you would like to be involved.


Avon & Somerset Constabulary working along with Neighbourhood Watch schemes

The Little Book of Big Scams

From Avon & Somerset Police, download your copy here in pdf format

Also view this presentation on how you can protect yourself from fraud

03/07/2021 – 7186 – Bristol – Shed and Garage Breaks

There has been an increase in shed and garage breaks across the Bristol area. Many of the thefts has resulted in expensive push bikes being stolen, along with garden equipment, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers etc. Offenders are also targeting high end work tools.

Access is usually via the back gate, via a back lane or neighbours garden, however some are targeting stand-alone garages, breaking off the lock or prising open the doors.

It is advisable to chain pushbikes together, or to other items in your garage or shed, to stop offenders being able to remove items with ease. Mark all items with easily identifiable markings, so we can return if found and prosecute offenders.

Visit the below websites, sold secure for advice on which products to use and The National Cycle Database to register your pushbikes.

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21/05/2021 7164 Northeast & Bristol – Scam Email

Please see the attached document for an example of the latest scam email being circulated.

We have been informed of an email claiming to be from Gov.UK, advising that a number of National Insurance Numbers have been disabled following reports of fraudulent activity. The email states that if you are the recipient of such an email then your “NIN” as they call it has been disabled and you must reactivate it on the attached document.

If you receive one of these emails, please DO NOT follow the instructions and DO NOT click on the red (Start Now) button, but delete the email immediately.

Attachments: govuk-scam-email.pdf

Online Security – Action Plan April 2021

Your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone is your ‘front door’ to your online world and personal life. And just like your front door at home, you wouldn’t let anyone in who you did not know, or give your keys to a stranger, nor be fooled by the unexpected or unsolicited doorstep ‘caller’. By comparison, the Internet brings better opportunities to criminals and scammers, as they can operate remotely and avoid all the personal risks and effort associated with burglary or ‘door stepping’.  Read how you can assess your own vulnerability here to create your own action plan.

08/01/21 7164 Northeast/Bristol – Covid-19 Scam

Trading Standards have made us aware of a new scam being used by criminals. A text message, claiming to be from the NHS, is going around asking you to register to receive the immunisation, but which also asks for your personal information and debit/credit card details.

Scammers are always on the lookout for new opportunities to steal your information and your money, so please read the attached information which has been taken from the Neighbourhood Watch website.

02/11/20 7315 BRISTOL – Public reminded to secure homes and valuables following recent burglaries

Please read and share the attached document, which contains information about a recent spate of burglaries, including those that are being targeted. You will also find important information on making your home safer.

Attached document: Public reminded to secure homes and valuables following recent burglaries

Attachments: public-reminded-to-secure-homes-and-valuables-following-recent-burglaries.pdf

27/10/20 7164 Forcewide – Latest Penalty Charge Scam emails

We have been sent copies of the latest Penalty Charge Scam emails (see attached). Although these can look official, they are designed to panic recipients into making a quick payment with the threat of the “fine” being quadrupled in a few days.

There are some simple checks you can make to ensure that you are getting genuine emails:

1. Is the email from an official email address? This one originates in Morocco and has a personal email address.

2. Is the email written with good grammar and spelling? the date and timestarted below

3. Is it correctly spaced?

4. Does it state exactly where the “offence” took place?

5. Are you able to contact them? 0343 222 3331 temporarily unavailable

6. NEVER click on any links in the email

Attachments:  penalty-charge-scam-email.pdf
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Warning following distraction burglaries in Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Officers from Operation Remedy are investigating a series of distraction burglaries in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area.

A man and a woman have been targeting elderly people by saying they have been asked to visit them for a specific reason, often giving the name of someone. They then try to distract them, while attempting to steal items from the property.

There have been seven incidents spread across Southmead, Brentry, Shirehampton and Thornbury.

• A woman in Elmfield Road, Southmead has been targeted twice. On Sunday 23rd August, a woman knocked on the door and tried to push her way in requesting some cold water. The victim denied her entry by pushing her to the chest and so the woman left.

On Sunday 30th August, a man visited the same property claiming to be a neighbour. The victim, who had answered the door with the safety chain on, said she did not know the neighbour. When a neighbour came out of their house nearby, the man ran away and into a silver/light coloured car.

• On Monday 24th August, another woman in Elmfield Road, Southmead was targeted. A woman, wearing a facemask, entered the property via the French doors and said she was there to tell her that one of her relatives had died. The woman left without taking anything.

• On Tuesday 25th August, a man and woman attended the property of a man in Pensfield Park, Brentry. The victim was waiting for his carer to arrive and answered the door, where a man and woman walked into the house saying they had been sent to see if he was ok. The man searched the victim and took the wallet out of his trouser pocket, before leaving. The wallet had card and £100 inside.

• On Monday 31st August, a couple were targeted in Pembroke Road, Shirehampton. A man and a woman have knocked on the door and said they needed to speak to the occupant’s wife. They then stole a quantity of cash and jewellery.

• On Friday 4th September, a vulnerable woman was targeted in North Road, Thornbury. The victim’s carer has discovered a man in the hallway, who asked about a mountain bike which was advertised. The carer asked the man to leave, which he did. The victim later noticed money missing from her purse.

• On Saturday 5th September, a woman with restricted mobility was targeted in Buckingham Parade, Thornbury. – The victim was expecting her carer and had left her back door unlocked but closed. A man and woman entered through the door, with the man going into the living room towards the bathroom, while the woman said he was going to make a cup of tea. They looked through the victim’s handbag, but nothing was taken.

The man is described as white, 5ft 8in tall, very thin, with long straggling hair, who spoke with an accent, possibly Irish.

The woman is described as white, 5ft 8in tall, with long dark hair and dark clothes, who also spoke with an accent, possibly Irish.

Designated Investigating Officer from Operation Remedy, Alastair Binnie, said: “The suspects are callously targeting elderly and vulnerable people at night, often around the time when a carer is due to visit. This has been distressing for all of the victims and so I would ask if anyone can help with the investigation to please get in touch. I would also urge anyone with elderly relatives, friends or neighbours, to check in on them to remind them about the important safety advice for dealing with cold callers coming to the door. If you see any suspicious behaviour, then don’t hesitate to call 999.”

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Safety advice for dealing with cold callers coming to the door:

• Don’t leave doors or windows unlocked

• Be wary of leaving doors or windows that are easily accessible open for long periods of time

• If a relative or carer needs regular access to the house, ensure they have a key

• If you have a safety chain on your door, ensure its on before opening the door

• If you don’t have a safety chain, consider getting one fitted

• If you don’t recognise them, always ask to see their ID to ensure they are who they say they are, even if you are expecting someone

• If they can’t provide ID or you are still not sure, make them wait outside while you contact the organisation that they claim to represent

• If you are at all concerned, report them to the police via 999


Video Tips

22/04/20 7315 BRISTOL Scams and Frauds Video

Click on the video link below for tips on keeping safe during the COVID-19 crisis

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Crime Alert

20 August 2020 7315 BRISTOL – Rogue Traders

There have been numerous reports of rogue traders through the South Gloucestershire are during the last two days. Two males have called on a resident, Yate, offering to repair damage to the roof for £800 which was rejected, although it was agreed that the pair would clean the guttering for £180. The suspects left after 5 minutes, after asking the resident to sign some form of document.

An elderly male was approached by a male as he walked along a Road in Alveston. The suspect claimed that he had done work for the victim before, but fortunately an off-duty police officer noticed what was going on and the offender walked off when the officer approached.

Another vulnerable resident was stopped by a male on in Staple Hill who said that he had done work for her before and asked if she wanted anything else done. The female said that she needed some damp work done and the offender said he wanted some money in advance to buy some materials. Fortunately the resident remembered that he hadn’t done any work for her before so refused to hand over any money.

We have sent messages previously about cold callers and doorstep traders, but we now want to extend that warning to include anyone who approaches people asking for work and claiming that they know you, or have worked for you in the past.

Always use traders who have been recommended to you by someone you trust. Get a written quote on headed notepaper and never pay in cash. Be wary of anyone asking if you needed any work done or someone who “just happened” to notice that there was some damage they could fix straight away


Please see the document below, which shows a breakdown of the type of crime that occurred in your beat area in February 2020. The following document is in pdf format for download:


26/09/2017 Non Dwelling Burglary X2 BN170

On 23/09/2017 on Riverleaze an unknown offender has entered the victims back garden and broken into the victims shed. The offender has broken the lock off in order to gain access to the shed, once inside the offender has stolen an item of clothing and made off.

On 23/09/2017 on Eastmead Lane an unknown offender has gained access to the victims back garden and broken into the victims garage. The offender has caused damage to the headlight, key area and handlebars to the victims motorbike.

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