WESTlink Travel

Changes from 8 April New zones and booking changes

WESTlink has now been running for a year, helping many people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to link up to other public transport. More than 110,000 trips have been made by people since it started – and it’s becoming more popular. It’s a completely new concept for travel in the West of England, and as a trial, we’re learning as we go along. Now changes are being introduced in April to try to fix some of the issues and make the service better. New zones – the current zones are being replaced with nine smaller “core” zones and 12 shared zones. This will:

  • Stop very long journeys blocking other people from booking and using a
    WESTlink – some buses have been taken out of action for up to an hour with
    just one person on board.
  • Allow people to make shorter journeys and connect with main buses or trains
    for onward travel
  • Keep connections between the most popular destinations eg Yate and Thornbury
  • Expand to areas where bus services are poor eg Hungerford Road in Brislington
  • Offer new options to travel to shopping, leisure and transport hubs – eg Cribbs Causeway, The Wave and Nailsea and Backwell Station The new zones have been developed using feedback from residents and community groups. But they are not set in stone. Please get in touch if you have a suggestion.

Booking system changes – People will no longer be able to book a WEST link automatically if the best available option is a standard bus service.

Full details with zone map and core zones explained (pdf)